Answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the airport transfer services on CORFU VIP RIDES website can be found below. If you can't find an answer to your question here please visit our service page, or contact us.

How can i make use of the ''take your transfer'' service ?

Once you have booked one of the hotel in the mayor group, you can also use this ''take your transfer'' service. Room reservation is required first.

How can i book - upgrade the ''take your transfer'' service ?

Easy and fast! You can book - upgrade online selecting ''take your transfer'' service. Then you have to filling the details on the form and go to online payment to compliete the process. If you have followed the procesure correctly you will receive a booking confirmation email. 
If you have any problem with online booking, please contact with us via email. .

For what reason do i enter the passport ID ?

According to the Greek law requires a passenger's full name and passport ID or card ID to complete the procedure booking. The 'CORFU VIP RIDES' company securely manages your personal dat and does not share it with anyone. If you want read more please visit page the Privacy Policy for Corfu vip Rides. 

How can i pay for the transfer service ?

You can pay online with credit card . We accept MasterCard, VISA and American Express.

Are your prices per person or per vehicle ?

Prices for all our services are quoted per vehicle and not per person.  Prices are divided into two groups, 1 until 4 persons and 5 until 8 persons.

Are there any extra charges ? 

The price you see is the price you pay, there are no hidden extras. Our fares are fixed, all inclusive and are not affected by traffic jams or diversions.

I have a special request (a baby chair, push chair etc.).    

If you need a special transport service such as a car with a baby chair, extra space for a pushchair, or are travelling with disabled passengers, please make a note of this when you make your booking. Unfortunately, our vehicles do not have a wheelchair ramp. These services are offered free of charge..

What if I need wheelchair space ? 


If you require wheelchair space, you can indicate that in the "Special instructions or  comments about your reservation" in step 3 of the booking process. Please use English as language. Foldable wheelchairs are regarded as 1 piece of luggage. Always book a minivan in case you need wheelchair space.

What happens if my  flight is delayed ?    

Your driver will be notified of the arrival time of your flights and will be waiting to pick you up whenever your flight arrives. All at no extra charge. If the delay of a flight is more than 2 hours, the company can cancel the reservation if it informs the customer. If the customer requests additional waiting time, the company accordingly provides the availability to the customer at an additional charge. Unfortunately, the company can not commit a driver for many hours on hold.

My flight has changed. Can I reschedule my transfer ?   

In most cases we will be able to reschedule your transfer without a problem. However, if it is a busy time of the year, it is possible (but unlikely) that we may not have availability for your new transfer time. Please contact us the moment you know about your change in schedule to allow us sufficient time to reorganize your transfer. If we are unable to  reschedule your transfer, we will refund you in accordance with our terms and conditions. In any case, the changes can be made free of charge if the customer informs the company 24 hours before using the service.

How can I amend my booking ?   

All flexible bookings can be amended. Please email us at infoviprides@gmail.com, please note as per our Terms and Conditions we need at least 24 hours' notice prior to your travel date to do this.

Where do  I meet my driver when i  land at the airport  ?   

Transfers from the Airport to your destination

Our driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall of the airport to meet & greet you.

Transfers from your destination to the airport

Our driver will wait for you at the reception of your accommodation or outside the building.

What happens if I can't locate my driver ?   

If you have any trouble locating your driver, please contact the driver directly at the telephone number on top of your voucher. If you are not able to reach him, just call our Customer Service Center numbers (printed on your booking voucher) and we will immediately assist you.

Do you allow pet transfers ?   

Pet transfer is allowed only if the pets are in adequate boxes.


What if I dont bring my invoice/voucher ?   

If you loose your voucher from e-mail, we can always send you a new one. If you don't bring the vocuher on the pick up date, driver will ask you for identifications (ID card, passport, drivers license) so he can confirm your identity.

What  if I entered incorrect information when booking?   

The company does not bear any responsibility if the customer gives wrong information of arrival, departure, flight numbers etc. The company has no way to verify the information provided by the customer is correct, the company is obliged to follow the information provided by the customer when booking . Any change in the booking details is free of charge as long as the customer informs the company 24 hours in advance.

Do your vehicles go everywhere ?   

Our vehicles are personal transport service vehicles and can transport you to all places safely. Unfortunately in Corfu there are Hotels, Villas, apartments etc. who do not have safe access (slippery road, narrow road, long steep slopes, etc.) to the door of the specific accommodation.
In this case, our vehicles will transport you to the point where the transport is safe for you and then you will be transported by modes of transport that each accommodation has chosen for their customers.

Our company is not responsible for not approaching accommodation without a safe road.



I left an item of luggage on the vehicle. How do I get it back ?   

First, please contact the driver directly at the telephone number on your voucher and inform him what happened. We will do everything we can to repatriate your lost luggage to you, either to your place of residence, or to your home address. Please note that any fees incurred will have to be paid before the luggage is sent back to you by courier.

Who should I contact, if I have comments or suggestions to make ? 


We activey welcome our customers' comments and suggestions, and treat them as a valuable insight as to how to improve our service. You can also email us with your comments: infoviprides@gmail.com

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